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Product Description

Mother’s Choice Baby Food Our brand - `Mother`s Choice` is not only an expression of Mother`s tender love and care, but also gives your child a world of goodness and health. In short, all the advantages of a winning combination of nature and nurture. Note: Mother’s Choice Cereals already contain milk. Hence just add warm water, to constitute a meal. Mother’sChoice Baby cereals with milk: This is the first solid food for the baby from weaning age. We have eight variants of wheat based and rice based cereals with milk.

Tips Weaning:

This is the process of introduction of food other than mother’s milk to a baby. Mother’s milk is best for baby and solid food are not a substitute for mother’s milk. Breast feed or bottle, milk provides necessary nutrients for the baby. But when baby grows, it needs solid food, in addition to mother’s milk. Usually weaning starts from 6 months. But some babies may need weaning earlier. Signs that you should start weaning

: 1.Baby is hungry, even after usual milk feed.

2. The baby wakes up in the middle of night and demand more milk.

3.Even after frequent milk feeding, baby remains hungry and cry for more.

4.Check with your doctor, before starting solid food, to decide, your baby’s individual need.