300ml Humidifier Adorable Pet Lamp Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser


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Product Description

300ml Humidifier Adorable Pet Lamp Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser



-100% brand new and high quality

-Silent and continuous operation will not interfere with your work, sleep and driving.

-Diffuse the mist throughout your living space and improve the moisture of the skin space.

-Fashion design, environmentally friendly and quiet

-Fast humidification and air purification, Reduce static electricity

-Application: home office living room car etc.

For humidifier lamp

Moisturize the skin

Two-stage spray mode

Night light atmosphere


With USB expansion port

Aromatherapy / night light / USB fan

3 in 1 / normal version available in two styles

Three pretty styles for the most loved ones

Cute and Adorable Best Gift Shape White Kitten Beige Bear Pink Rabbit

With USB expansion port

Pure fine mist, healthy hydration You can connect USB fan and LED night light Ring-shaped night light Let you sleep comfortably

Two speed sprayless switch

Continuous spray for 8 hours Intermittent spray for 15 hours Click the button to turn on the spray mode, click again to change the intermittent spray

Two Color Ambient Light

Warm and romantic White light and yellow light

Anti-dry shutdown protection

Built-in water level probe, lack of water, automatic shut-off, anti-drying Safe and worry-free, extends humidifier life Off indication: spray mode is off when the water level is lower than that of the probe

Operation: Turn counterclockwise to unscrew the top cover Add tap water Connect the power USB Click the button to start working Instructions: Mist: 1. Click the spray button for the first time for continuous spray 2 The second click is an intermittent spray 3. The third click turns off the aerosol Night Light: Click the light button for the first time to turn on the white silicone light The second click opens the yellow silicone light The third click To turn off the silicone light For the first time, press the light button for 1.5s to turn on the white light of the water tank. The second long press 1.5s to open the water tank yellow light The third long press 1.5s to turn off the water tank light


1. Soak the cotton swab for 1 minute before use. 2. It is strictly forbidden to use only children under 10 years old. 3. Do not cut the atomizing chip with a hard object. 4. Use mineral water or tap water, do not add oily essential oils or corrosive liquids 5. If the amount of spray is reduced, use a cotton swab to clean the atomizer or replace the cotton swab and water.